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Storytelling in Organizations

How Narrative and Storytelling Are Transforming 21st Century Management

Published in June 2004 by Butterworth Heinemann

A book by John Seely Brown, Stephen Denning, Katalina Groh and Larry Prusak

Paperback, 208 pages
September 2004

David Lipscomb of Georgetown University has given it a five-star review on “The book offers two different timeframes -- the authors' speeches from the Smithsonian symposium on storytelling in April 2001 and their thoughts today, in 2004 -- and the book's value resides in showing what's changed and what hasn't in those three years. I found the 2004 "reflection" sections particularly valuable, since they make clear that storytelling turned out to be far more than the fad many feared it would become in 2001. Especially useful are John Seely Brown's reflections -- including his discussions of ‘knowledge ecologies.’ The bibliography and the endnotes to each chapter also help map the landscape of a field that is, in Stephen Denning's words, ‘widening and deepening.’”

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