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About Steve Denning
About Steve Denning - Imageless
Arrange a tailor-made workshop
Radical Management
Creating high-performance teams
Using Scrum to create high-performance teams
The Difference -- a book by Scott Page
What is exceptional performance?
The conventional wisdom on high-performance teams is wrong
High-performance teams at Total Attorneys
High-performance workshops and conferences
The Spirit of High-Performance Teams
Cross-functional Teams That Aren't
Most High-Performance Teams Are Self-Organizing Teams
The spirit of high-performance: delighting clients
Book Review: The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work
Lessons from a village in France
Shop Class as Soulcraft
Why we are not being delighted by the Fortune 20
Smithsonian 2010 audio recordings
Master the Language of Leadership
Why Giving Reasons Doesn't Work
The new triad of leadership communication
The Enabling Conditions of Leadership
Beyond storytelling: narrative intelligence
From "sales pitch" to "trusted partnership"
Principles of PowerPoint hygiene
Five different types of leaders
Storytelling and Archetypes
Storytelling and openness to change: de Bono
Stimulate Innovation
Understand Knowledge
What is knowledge?
What is knowledge management?
The seven basics of knowledge management
The strategy of knowledge management
Organizing for knowledge management
Budget for knowledge management
Incentives for knowledge management
Communities for knowledge management
Technology for knowledge management
Measuring knowledge management programs
Second generation issues in knowledge management
Digital divide or digital opportunity
The economic imperative to manage knowledge
Connecting vs collecting knowledge
The democratization of knowledge
The horizontal organizational ritual: the knowledge fair
Knowledge management and innovation
Knowledge management and eBusiness
Evaluating the new IT tools for knowledge management
Knowledge management job description
What is intellectual capital?
"Knowledge sharing" and "knowledge management"
The laws of knowledge management
Law #1: Knowledge sharing is a key to economic survival
Law #2: Communities: heart and soul of knowledge sharing
Law #3: Virtual communities need physical interaction
Law #4: Passion is the driver of communities of practice
Law #5: Both an inside-out and an outside-in dynamic
Law #6: Storytelling ignites knowledge
Corollaries to the laws of knowledge management
Workshops & Webinars
Smithsonian storytelling weekend April 15-17, 2010
DC Masterclass: Steve Denning and Seth Kahan May 27-28, 2010
FREE Webinar Steve Denning and Seth Kahan May 11, 2010
FREE Webinar Steve Denning with Donna Reed
EGov KM conference workshop Steve Denning workshop and Noa Bam
Books by Steve Denning
The Secret Language of Leadership
The Leader's Guide to Storytelling
Squirrel Inc.
Storytelling in Organizations
The Springboard
Sonnets 2000
The Painter
The Leader's Guide to Radical Management
Master Business Narrative
What is a story?
What is a story? What is narrative meaning?
What are the main types of stories and narratives?
Oral versus written stories
Why stories need single protagonists
How to tell a springboard story
What is a springboard story?
Leaders need narrative intelligence
Storytelling for communications
How stories embody tacit knowledge
The knowledge-based organization
Using narrative intelligence for innovation
Launching & nurturing communities through storytelling
Storytelling to enhance technology
Storytelling for individual growth
Narrative vs abstract thinking
Communications as media: Roman Jakobson
Communications: The interactive view
Social nature of communications
Narrative thinking and innovation: John Seely Brown
Storytelling and persuasion
Storytelling and genuine persuasion
Storytelling and seduction: Jean Baudrillard
Storytelling and openness to change: Edward de Bono
Using narrative intelligence for innovation
Why isn't storytelling taken seriously?
Why does science despise storytelling?
Storytelling and zen
Storytelling and post-modernism
Storytelling in Civic and Political Leadership
Plato's Symposium
Springboard stories: The parables of Jesus
Boccaccio's Decameron
Scheherazade or 1001 Arabian Nights
William Shakespeare: King Henry V
Shakespeare's Othello: The wooing of Desdemona
Quotations on storytelling - what the sages say about stories
User Stories Applied
Press Room
Sample Press Page
Storytelling In the News
Chicago Tribune reviews Squirrel Inc.
Fast Company discusses organizational storytelling
Financial Times reviews Squirrel Inc.
The Economist reviews Squirrel Inc.
Review of Purple Cow by Seth Godin
Review of The Fred Factor
A review of The Present
Summary of storytelling in the news for May 2004
Review of Patrick Lencioni's fables
Book review of "Fish!"
A review of "Who Moved My Cheese?"
Dick Grasso and greed at the NY Stock Exchange
Storytelling is a core management skill
Martha Stewart and the perjured witness
The story of Linux: can it take over the desktop?
NAB aftermath
Authenticity and Italian food
Presidential candidate storylines
Financial markets plunge
Barron's satirizes Iraq
Story trumps picture
Marketing Professionals
Computer World
Rational exuberance
FT discusses storytelling
Krispy Kreme
Jobs data
Kotter on storytelling
HBR Telling Tales reviewed
Images from Iraq
HBR Telling Tales
ImClone Icahn
Cotton subsidies
Google launch
Growing role of story
Higher interest rates
Nokia and Samsung
Eli Lilly learns from failure
Spin and truthtelling
Smithsonian 2004 Saturday
Smithsonian 2004 Friday
Inflation and money
Satire in politics
Energy prices
Economists storytelling
Narrative and fashion
Biotech research
Rice testimony
Rice as storyteller
Narrative medecine
Economic disaster
Cyclical vs linear storytelling
Job data
Humor for leaders
March summary
Friedman storytelling
Europe economic supremacy
Road safety
Values in business
Honesty Richard Clarke
Reverse credibility gap
Mercedes campaign
McCain backs Kerry
Coke's Dasani launch
Social media and story
Shell reduces estimates
Microsoft and the EU
Spanish election 2
Spanish election 1
Louis Vuitton
French fashion
Madrid bomb blast
US trade deficit
McDonald's gets healthier
Martha Stewart convicted
Krugman vs Greenspan
Job figures
IBM Linux patents
US brand narratives post-9-11
Data information knowledge airlines
Eisner Disney
Novels & Poetry
About The Painter
Art and beauty
Art and desire
Art and imagination
Art and nature
Art and painting
Art and writing
Art and Zen
Art: the naked vs the nude
The Elizabethan sonnet: Philip Sidney
Far from the abstract harmonies of art
For evil to triumph: sonnet 9
Petrarch's love sonnets
The poetry of complaint: sonnet #5
The poetry of nostalgia: sonnet #17
The poetry of originality
The poetry of praise: Shakespeare's sonnet #18
The poetry of romance: sonnet #36
Shakespeare's sonnets
The poetry of pursuit
Read ch. 1 of The Painter
What is a sonnet?
Quotations about art
Poetry quotations
Workshops & Webinars
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