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Smithsonian 2010: audio recordings

Using storytelling to re-invent the workplace

Friday April 16, 2010

The Smithsonian Associates hosted an exciting symposium on Friday April 16, 2010 about the role of storyteling in re-inventing the workplace. Here are audio recordings of the presentations.

Opening session: what this is all about: Steve Denning
Steve Denning: introduction to reinventing the workplace (mp3, 15 mins, 5 megs)

Mary Poppendieck: The stories of 3M
Mary Poppendieck's talk (mp3, 44 mins, 8 megs)

Matt May: Toyota and the Pursuit of Elegance
Matt May's talk (mp3, 56 mins, 10 megs)

Elizabeth Woodward: Dynamic Management at IBM
Elizabeth Woodward's talk (mp3, 43 mins, 8 megs)

Steve Denning: Storying a new kind of organization
Steve Denning on radical management (mp3, 40 mins, 7 megs)

Madelyn Blair: The principles of radical learning
Madelyn Blair on radical learning (mp3, 30 mins, 5 megs)

Seth Kahan: Getting change right
Seth Kahan on getting change right (mp3, 58 mins, 10 megs)

Closing session: The future role of organizational storytelling.
Where is storytelling heading? (mp3, 8 mins, 3 megs)

Thursday April 15, 2010:

Introduction to organizational storytelling

Svend-Erik Engh and Thaler Pekar

Story: From Snow White to Business Story (mp3, 5 mins, 5 megs)

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