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Steve Denning’s book, The Age of Agile, was published on by HarperCollins in 2018. You can order from Amazon here. The Agile of Agile

Steve’s new book about winning in the age of digital will be announced here shortly.

What’s it about? We are at the genesis of a new age — the age of Agile. It’s an exhilarating time, because unprecedented change can happen nearly overnight. Why? Because a truly “agile” organization connects everyone and everything . . . all the time. It’s capable of delivering instant, intimate, frictionless value on a large scale.

What the experts are saying about The Age of Agile:

  • "Reporting from the front lines, Steve Denning takes you deep inside the management revolution that is being led by the apostles of Agile. In this insightful book, he unpacks the ground-breaking ideas and practices that are remaking the foundations of human organization. The Age of Agile is an indispensable guide to building an organization that can thrive in a world of unrelenting change." - Gary Hamel, Professor, London Business School and Director, Management Lab

  • "The Age of Agile pulls off a rare feat. It demystifies a fuzzy topic, delivers a stinging critique of flawed management practices, provides practical advice, and is an enjoyable read. A great book." - Scott Anthony, Managing Partner of Innosight and lead author of Dual Transformation

  • "This eye-opening book challenges us to think, not just about which technologies will shape the future, but about which organizations will be able to handle-and develop-them. It describes the vanguard management paradigm for the 21st Century and locates it in the changing context of the world economy." - Carlota Perez, Author of Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital:The Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages
  • As the author of six successful business books and a former director of the World Bank, Steve Denning has been writing a leadership column on since 2011, with more than 600 published articles, attracting more than 6 million visitors and more than 15 million page views. Steve writes about the ongoing paradigm shift in the management, the transition to the Creative Economy and the constraints on implementing what is obviously a better way of running organizations.

    Over the last several years, Steve has helped a group of firms, which includes Barclays, Cerner, Ericsson, Fidelity Investments, CH Robinson, Microsoft, Riot Games, and Vistaprint, form the SD Learning Consortium (SDLC), a non-profit corporation with the goal of separating fact from fiction about Agile management. The group has been conducting multiple site visits to learn from each other’s experiences with Agile. Its findings are available here.SD Learning Consortium

    "The Leader's Guide to Radical Management is a delight to read—articulate, provocative and illuminating. It isn’t merely radical, it’s revolutionary!"
    Peter Guber, CEO, Mandalay Entertainment Group

    "The Leader's Guide to Radical Management is an original and brilliant book which transforms "radical management" into doable and, more important, indispensable management. Also an indispensable read!"
    Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Business, University of Southern California

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