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The new triad of leadership communication

The Secret Language of Leadership explains why the effective use of storytelling in leadership doesn't involve telling a single epic story. Rather it involves the use of different kinds of stories at different stages in the leadership communication. The central triad of every effective leadership communication implies a shift from the traditional approach of,

“describe problem >> analyze problem >> give solution”

to the new triad:

“get attention >> elicit desire >> reinforce with reasons”

The Secret Language of Leadership (October 2007) shows:

  • 18 ways to get your audience’s attention;
  • 20 ways to elicit desire
  • 8 ways to reinforce with reason;
  • It also explains which of these work best and why. The book tells you what other books on leadership never got round to revealing: what you have to say, and how to say it, so as to inspire enduring enthusiasm for your cause.

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