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How do we secure our future? Duh! Education

eNewsletter December 9, 2010

Hagel (Deloitte's Center
For The Edge) wrote this morning:

"Let's face it: our educational
system is in disarray - great post
by Steve Denning". The post is
entitled: "US education: a grave
failure of national management
and character".
It tells the story of
how the same diseases of hierarchy
and bureaucracy that afflict big
corporations have infected
the US education system. It also
suggests that the remedy is similar:
reinventing the way our schools
are managed. Bottom line: unless
our kids get an education that
fits them for the 21st Century,
how can the future be secure?
Read the post

When you have a debilitating
organizational illness like this,
it's tempting to search for silver
bullets and grab at "single fixes"
rather than deal with complex root
causes. To help deal with this
tendency towards ineffective flailing,
I wrote this tongue-in-cheek piece:
The myth of the single management

Here's an oldie but goody that I
wrote a few years ago and republished
this week:  
How do you grow a storytelling
business (or any other business)


And in book news, Matt May (The Shibumi
Effect) has done a nice review of my new
book The Leader's Guide to Radical
Management: Reinventing the
Workplace for the 21st Century

in the Open Forum Guru Review.
Rating 9.5 out of 10. The review has also
been syndicated by Guy Kawasaki: Read
the review here.

And the wholesale bookseller, 800-CEO-READ,
has also just published my Manifesto
"Radical Management: Mastering
the Art of Continuous Innovation"
in their monthly "Change This" series.
Read it here.


PS If you're in the DC area, don't forget
to register for the discussion of my
synthesis of recent books on the
reinvention of management at
KMI next Wednesday evening December 15.

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