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Newsletter of January 20, 2011

Will you help me find a title?


Forbes magazine has just invited me to
do a blog on their site. The blog would be
aimed at senior executives. The goal is:
"What if the 'titans of industry' actually
are valiantly looking for reinvention and
would welcome a radical evangelist that
challenges them to change the way they
think and see through the stories he
shares? What would this evangelist's blog
title be?" I am now in the final stages
of choosing a title. I have three leading
contenders. If you would like to help
choose the title, please spend just
30 seconds and complete this survey.
Many thanks for your help!

In an earlier article, I wrote about
The Death-and Reinvention-of Management:
Part 1
. It turned out to be which turned out to be
one of my most popular posts ever. In it, I
noted that current management practices
represent a set of economic, social and political
problems of the first order, which
cannot be resolved by a single fix. Instead,
a number of leaders and writers are
converging on the idea that five big shifts
are needed to deal with today's
marketplace and workplace. I am now
fleshing out the practical implications of
this in a series of articles.

Part 2 in the series is about the ten most
important steps you need to take to take to
delight your client

Part 3 is about the ten most important
steps you need to make to transition
from the manager as controller to the
manager as enabler

More to come shortly.

There's also a short note on an
interesting new book, Practically
by Bill Taylor. Read it here.

Hope our paths cross soon,



PS I will be giving a keynote about my book
in Frederick MD on Thursday, January 27th
from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at the Cultural Arts
Center in downtown Frederick MD. More
details here.



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