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Newsletter of July 10, 2010

The HR story: Putting the H in HR; and more

What's involved in managing human talent? How does HR create real value for the organization? A historic opportunity is now opening up for HR, with the advent of radical management. Read "Putting the H in HR".

Also, for a spectacular example of an organization that is already doing it, read Valuing Employees (Really!)

My 3 minute YouTube video

My 3 minute video, "What Is Radical Management?" is now up on YouTube. Watch it here.

Feedback includes: "This is awesome, Steve, and carries your unique brand of humor!" "Brilliant!" "Feedback on my video: Nice music track--a little Hitchcock drama and "Pirates of the Caribbean" style end credits."

This weekend, the video made the 24 most tweeted VIDEOs in Education.

Why do great marketing ideas get killed so often?

Why is the Chief Marketing Officer the most endangered inhabitant of the C-suite: average time on the job-a measly 26 months, versus 44 months for the CEO, 39 months for the CFO, and 36 months for the CIO? Why is there a war in the boardroom between management and marketing? In a fascinating book, War in the Boardroom: Why Left-Brain Management and Right-Brain Marketing Don't See Eye-to-Eye--and What to Do About It, Al and Laura Ries set out to explain why. They describe 25 ways in which traditional management tends to kill great marketing initiatives. To find out what they are, go here.

BP's road to disaster

A brilliant map by Ed Rogers (NASA) adapted from WSJ. The map is about BP's words and actions, but the map is an exhibit of traditional management in action. Obviously, it's not just BP: it's a whole way of thinking and acting embedded in traditional management. BP simply followed the logic of traditional management over ten years, focusing on cutting costs and making money for shareholders. For most of that time, BP was seemingly making a lot of money, but they were "bad profits", with massive brand liabilities building up in the background. The inevitable result: a massive disaster, and the brand liabilities came due. View the map here.

4-week Online Learning Opportunity: Oct-Nov 2010

One reader was asking how much time would the four week online course about Making Radical Management Happen involve? The answer is that there will be four one-hour lectures (which you can watch at any time) and four one-hour live interactive video sessions (which you can participate in live, or watch later if that would be more convenient. There will also be continuous online Q&A with Seth and Steve over the entire 4 weeks.

•       Get more information about the online learning opportunity and register here.

•       Watch a video about the course here

•       Listen to feedback from participants here.

Following Steve

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Other News

•       Strategy & Leadership: published my article on radical management.

•       Why radical management is needed: in "your employees know more than you!" (Marshall Goldsmith in HBR)

•       Radical management in action: CEO Vineet Nayar: Put Your Employees First with a video interview(@vineetnayar)

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