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Newsletter of September 20, 2010

Radical management: when your customer is the government

Radical management: what to do when your customer is the government: One constraint on implementing radical management is that the customer is on a different path altogether. A frequent example is where your customer is a government bureaucracy. You are aspiring to delight your client, and your client is saying, "Don't bother with me such questions. Just deliver what the specifications ask for." Find out how to cope here.

Seeing is believing: Visualizing the difference between 20th and 21st Century management: I wrote last month about the biggest difference between 20th and 21st Century management. I offered there a fairly abstract explanation of the difference. Here's something much more down-to-earth. Two artifacts that instantly demonstrate the difference here.

Live tweeting from The Economist's The Ideas Economy conference in NY: You can catch some of the flavor of this fascinating conference from my tweets here.

I will be offering more insights from the conference in the coming days. One topic concerned disruptive innovation and college education.

Disruptive innovation: the case of college education in the US: The cost of a US college education has become ridiculously expensive and is growing faster even than health care. At conference organized by The Economist, the presidents of MIT and NYU showed up and basically said: "That's the way things are. We make. You pay. Can't afford it? Not our problem." The Economist suggested that they are following the path of General Motors to disaster. Read more here.

The key to long term profitability: enhancing the customer experience: Great talk by Samantha Starmer here.

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